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Welcome to

My Life Matters

Special Program

'May Everyone Be Happy'

My Life Matters Program, 'May Everyone Be Happy' has been written as a gift for everyone wishing to begin a new chapter in their book of Life that they may come to experience and hold the presence of Love and Contentment as a permanent state of existence.

The Program enable us to experience a new level of contentment and fulfillment in our life.

* It enables us to experience life with a new awareness and positive energy, increasing our ability to cope and achieve.

* It expands our inner vision and understanding allowing us to clearly see solutions to life's situations.

* It enables us to experience changes within ourselves, improving our inner state of sensitivity and quality of communication in relationships.

* It develops our creativeness, while opening windows of opportunity beyond our imagination.

* It cultivates inner stability, freedom and love, giving us the tools to develop immunity to adversity.

The Program dissolves depression, stress, anger and that which may otherwise be preventing us from knowing the great person we really are, reaching our true potential and achieving our true purpose of this life.

May Everyone Be Happy

Has - Ten Modules

1. The Purpose of Life.                    2. The Pains of Life.

3. The Mind.                                     4. Freedom from Fear.

5. Forgiveness.                                  6. Personal and Family Life.

7. Our True Potential.                      8. Children the Gift of Life.

9. How to Cultivate Virtues.            10. Love is the Healer of all.

You may commence with the first Module then

Continue with any particular module that you may be drawn to.

For the message and changes of each module to become significant in your life it is recommended to sit with one particular module each day for one week.

An Aching Heart

When the Human Heart aches so badly

It aches for Love, like a starving child

Aches for a little rice

A scrap of bread, a drop of milk

The pain becomes physical

This pain is experienced so deep

In every organ, in every cell

To the extent of physical disease

and mental exhaustion

As long as our lives are turned outwards

We will always experience this deep

prolonged pain

There is no need to fear

To fear silence, stillness, or aloneness

For it is within the center of each of us that

That for which we long for

Is patiently waiting.

A Glimpse of Love

If you are fortunate to have an infant or young child in your life, place yourself in a position where you are able to look deep into their eyes, becoming absolutely lost in their gaze. Hold this as long as possible. You may well experience a rush of energy course through your body into your head. This rush is released from within yourself as you have just gazed into the mirror of your own heart. This is just a droplet of what awaits us when we are able to dive into our own endless ocean of inner love.

The Price of Love 

A desert-well, may contain many thousand liters of water to quench the thirst of wary travelers. If this water sits without movement it stagnates and becomes unsuitable for drinking and travelers may become frazzled under the desert sun.

Each traveler that drinks from the well allows fresh water to be drawn from the cool rivers below, gradually the water becomes finer, becomes purer, becomes more energizing, those who drink from the well are given the strength and vitality to continue their journey, to reach their destination.

If one such traveler decides to remain at the well to impose a fee upon future travelers for this free flowing water, then he will eventually become consumed and fried by the heat of the desert sun. For every aspect of this play of life must remain free and available to all, that their thirst may be quenched, that they may become energized to continue their journey in search for themselves.

Intro To Modules

 Terms and Conditions:

The My Life Matters Modules are protected property and may be used for personal use only. Any person or organisation outside the areas of designation may not use or copy the content partially, wholly or in any form. Thank you.

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