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Intro to Modules

"Welcome To Life"

We may well have heard it said about life,

Thats life, you're stuck with it, so make the most of it.

But are we really?.. Surely thats up to each of us to decide.

In life, where ever we are now is fine. However, what we are experiencing in our lives right now may not be quite so fine. In fact it may be everything but fine. So we have a choice, to continue or to change our situation and experiences.

Many people today would give anything to improve the Inner quality and the Outer quality of their lives, from this very moment. To experience absolute Inner Peace, Inner Fulfillment, Contentment and Freedom. To have all their external pressures, sadness and burdens removed. To sleep deeply and to awake with a happy heart. To become healthy and full of enthusiasm.

The world is full of advice, remedies and cures, in order that our lives may be uplifted, healthy and freed from its pains, offering a never-ending source of solutions often at great cost. However do these really change our Inner quality? Do they really satisfy our Inner hunger? Do they really uplift our permanent experiences of happiness and love in our Lives?

Perhaps we are continually encouraged to focus our attention on the outer attainments of life, such as our monetary gain, our social status, our position, our possessions, our visual appearance, with new cars, homes, cloths, hairstyles, etc. The list is endless in what Society offers us as a remedy to become happy, to become accepted, including the endless chase for monies, at all costs. But, do these really change our Inner quality and uplift our lives? If not, why not? Perhaps this is a question we should ask ourselves. Ask ourselves inside, How many of my current pursuits truly fulfill my life? 

What Are The Modules?

The Modules are the sharing of ones Personal experiences, Insights, Inner and Outer Changes and Blessings in Life, that others may also come to experience the same, if they so wish.

The Modules are not; a dogma, a concept, an opinion, a set of rules or instructions, they do not profess to counsel or dictate to ones life, they do not hold expectations or attachment to anyone participating, there is nothing to fear as they are only a sharing. The content may be taken with a grain of salt or embraced with the expanded awareness that connects with our Hearts-Wish. 

Will this Life Matters Program change my life?

The answer is. It may or it may not.

For we as individuals are the only ones truly able to change the pattern of life that we are currently experiencing.

So what is it, we are really looking for?

To quote Saint Francis.

That, for which we are looking, is looking.

That, is closer to us than we realise, and best of all it is Permanent and it is a part of us. It is actually our True Nature, our own True Selves, it is the permanent State of Intoxicating Love. A level of Love that we may have forgotten exists or rarely experienced. Yet it resides within each of us.

The Life Matters Modules are a gift, to heighten our awareness of the areas of life that prohibit us or restrict us from this experience of love. They offer us the Insight and simple understanding of who we really are. The Modules show us easy ways to expand and maintain this experience of love, in order that we may come to know Happiness on a new level, as a result of our own creation. 

The Purpose

The purpose for these modules is to provide us with the opportunity to receive and take inside, information that will allow us to contemplate and examine our own inner journey through life. That we may break through that which has been preventing us from remembering and experiencing our own natural state of permanent contentment, stability, freedom and love. That we may be happy all of the time.

The modules take us by the hand through a journey of unfolding chapters of past and present experiences and questions in our lives. By allowing our inner awareness to be present, during the modules, so many obstacles, fears and anxieties are understood and melted away.

The modules are a place for an inner forum and inner examination of our lives to take place. They provide us with the opportunity to explore the deep corners of our lives, the opportunity to be honest with ourselves and uproot wrong perception and behaviours enabling us to make a fresh beginning.

The modules allow us to cultivate Love, towards ourselves and towards others. They encourage us to cultivate virtues and happiness in our lives that we may come to embrace sensitivity, empathy, awareness, patience, tolerance, understanding and compassion. To experience the stillness and contentment of our own hearts, that we may become complete individuals within ourselves, together with a deep sense of oneness with humanity.

The Ten Modules are;

The Purpose of Life.

Is the first of the Modules. It explains why we are here and what we are meant to achieve. Today, many of us may see and experience Life and the world around us as a wonderful place to be and experience, while others may see and experience Life as crazy and out of control. Some may see every thing as wondrous and exciting, while other may see only degeneration, becoming completely overwhelmed and wondering where it?s all going to end. This Module allows us to taste but a few drops of the Nectar that awaits to quench our Inner Thirst.

The Pains of Life.

Is the second Module. It examines and discusses many aspects of life that we view and experience as pain. It answers many questions we may often ask ourselves. The pains of life are not pains without a source or reason. Pain is the indicator or natures warning of something greater about to unfold.

The consequence of something that has just happened or the resurrection from our subconscious of past memories and events, being released onto the screen of our minds, only to be painfully relived. This may be followed by varying degrees of trauma, anxiety, stress, depression and ill health. In this module we look at the types of Pain in our lives, explaining mans behaviour and reasons for continual conflict, with ways to change, understand and eliminate these pains. 

The Mind.

Is the third Module. The Mind is perhaps one of the greatest mysteries of life, with its endless ability to create or destroy. Many are uplifted by the mind, while others may be going crazy. This Module explores the Mind, its nature, its functions, its power, its purpose in our lives and how to befriend and purify the Mind. It also explores Thought, its power, its energy, its source and how peace can become a reality.

Freedom from Fear.

Is the fourth Module. Fear is a destructive force, which has ruled, controlled and suppressed the majority of mankind since the beginning of time. Fear can begin at the earliest stages of conception to the moment of birth and beyond. The transition from the tranquillity of the mother?s womb into the bright lights, handling and strange environment, can be quite traumatic for an infant. Fear is responsible for the chaos we witness in the world today. In order to see change in the world, we must first be prepared to change ourselves.

Fear is the absence or separation from the memory or experience of our own True Selves, our own True Nature, the place of great Love that an Infant experiences prior to birth and exists within every Human Heart. In this module we identify with the types of Fear, its hiding places, its disguises and how we may become free of its hold.


Is the fifth Module. Forgiveness, we may well ask. ?What is so important about forgiveness? What is forgiveness? Why should I forgive? And what if we don?t understand or wish not to forgive?? There is a very old saying. ?We reap what we sow.? We also sow from what we reap. This reaping and sowing takes place on a very subtle level of life and manifest into reality as events in our every day lives, from that which we have chosen to sow.

Forgiveness becomes so much easier, towards ourselves and others when we understand it and when we know how to cultivate, experience and hold Love. Never being able to forgive strangles our life force, dries up our expression of empathy and compassion, ages us prematurely and delivers us a life of misery. This Module assist us to unfold our natural ability to forgive, it gives us the tools to cultivate Love and become Happy.

Personal and Family Life.

Is the sixth Module. Families are the foundation of our Society, they are the seed of creation of our children who are the future generations. Family life can provide a rich mixture of experiences for children, providing them with an environment for growth and understanding, love, nurturing and support. The family unit is the basis of stable Communities and stable Societies.

In order to enjoy a great and happy family life, our personal life must be in order. No family is able to enjoy such a great life if one or both parents are not together within themselves, or if one or both parents are experiencing the effects of ill health, past pains or displaying dysfunctional or addictive behaviours. This Module assists us to break through restrictive conditioning to see and experience our lives with a new clarity, awareness and freedom.

Our True Potential.

Is the seventh Module. Our true potential, quite possible the question we are asking ourselves today. Many would like to have Einstein?s brainpower, in order to display our brilliance. Little do we know, that quite possibly we may already have it, or other wise the capability of acquiring it.

At an early age, if a child?s focus is turned away from the creative state, which it enjoys prior to birth, it may never experience its true potential. This shifting focus is the result of ignorance of whom we really are, of our own individual greatness, of what true potential we really have. The prediction that only a small part of the brain is utilized in our lives is correct, as the majority of children do not have their creative nature cultivated from birth. They enter a world influenced by the conflicting energies and limited understanding of the expansive and holistic creative nature of life. This Module uncovers many handicaps that restrict our creative nature from developing, it assists us to reclaim our lives and fulfil our inner dream to create and to contribute to the upliftment of humanity.

Children the Gift of Life.

Is the eighth Module. Children are the purest gift of life, the great gift given to two special people in order to experience so much love, so much patience and so much understanding. They are gifts to shape, mold us and to teach us the simple principles of life. From conception children are entrusted to us to cultivate and maintain this great state of love, also to nurture, to guide, to encourage, to play and to share in their laughter and their tears.

As we allow ourselves to share these great moments with our children, we are able to enter a level of oneness and open heartedness with them. This Module assists us as parents to understand, communicate and enjoy our children on a rich new level. It helps us know the delicateness and sacredness of life.

How to Cultivate Virtues.

Is the ninth Module. One of the greatest ways to cultivate Virtues is to cultivate Love. As Love is the great boundless energy centered within each Human Heart. The pure nature of Love contains and expresses every Virtue as every Virtue is expressed through the very Nature of Love.

Virtues are also interwoven with each other, for they unfold as a different shade of petal in the magnificent flower of Love. The art of cultivating Virtues may become an arduous task or on the other hand it may become purely an expression of our own true nature. In this Module we come to know the sweetness of another side of life.

Love is the Healer of All.

Is the tenth Module. The cry of every Human Heart is to bath in the fire of Love. This fire of Love burns within everyone, when we invite this great fire to awaken, we allow it to penetrate every aspect of our being. It is then that we may experience this energy of Love coursing through our bodies laying at ease all, that which has been in turmoil, all that which has not been at ease. This energy enters the very heart of all disease, turmoil and unrest, purifying and healing with the vibrations of Love. In order to expand and function from within the center of this great fire, we require focus and determination so strong that nothing can move us. When we are able to achieve this level of focus, nothing will prevent us from attaining our goal of Inner and Outer Peace.

This Module endorses experience that Love is the only answer to all unhappiness, poverty, depression, hopelessness, guilt unworthiness, argumentation, suicide, violence and wars. Love and only Love will establish us in a life of Contentment, Stability, Freedom and Good Health, with the gift of becoming the pure expression of its own nature.

When we truly come to understand that within every Human Heart there blazes a great fire of love, it is this fire of love that makes us all very Special, all very Great. It blazes the same within everyone, it is a Love like no other Love. It is who we really are.

This Love sees and knows no difference between colour, race, or religion, it embraces all with the same unconditional oneness and purpose.

The Modules when experienced in the silence of ones Heart, may very well enable us to break through that which has separated us from the experience of this great Love.

Beginning the Modules

Everyone is warmly invited to participate in these ten Modules, that one may come to experience that permanent state of Inner Contentment, Happiness and Love.

Maximum Benefit

In order to reap maximum benefit and changes in your life, it is recommended to revisit each module each day for one week, thus allowing the eyes of your heart to focus and see.

Do not try to understand anything as everything is already understood.

You may find yourself dropping into a state of drowsiness or meditation which is fine. Allow yourself to remain there as long as your heart wishes.

Each time this takes place, know that, that which you have just read is taking up residency and solidifying within you.

You have just received another blessing and gift towards becoming established in your state of inner contentment, happiness and love.

May 'My Life Matters' truly touch the center of your Being that you may come to sdzaknow Inner Contentment and Happiness on a new level and may your great Love touch all those who enter your life.

Keeping a Journal

It is of paramount importance to prepare and keep a journal in order to record your current life situation as well as monitor your life changes.

My Life Matters On Line

To commence the first Module

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On completion of each module please email your progress and request your next module which will be emailed to you direct

 Costs of Modules

Whilst these modules are without charge, there is however a price.

That is, to leave your intellect behind and allow your center of intelligence which lays within your heart to read and experience each module each day for one week.


Donations are welcome to assist with the costs associated with this website and fund the eventual publishing of 'My Life Matters' as a Book.

Thank you and bless you for your kindness.

" May Everyone Become Happy"

The ?My Life Matters? Modules are protected property and may be used for personal use only. Any person or organisation outside the areas of designation may not use the content partially, wholly or in any form.

In Peace And Love. Thank you. Anthony

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