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Love is the Healer of All

Module 10

 "The cry of every human Heart

Is to bath in the fire of Love."

This fire of Love burns within each of us as a great inferno. This Love waits patiently for that special moment when we finally fling open our doors of resistance and welcome it to burst into our lives and to penetrate every aspect of our being. Once we are able to reach this point, we may well experience the energy of this Love fluttering through our cheeks and into the upper region of our heads. As this intoxicating energy moves upwards from the base of the spine it penetrates and expands within each of the seven centers of our nature.

Each of these centers disperses the quality of energy we create through the channels of our physical and subtle bodies. When this energy is that of love, it lays at ease all that has been in turmoil within us, all that which has not been at ease, it enters the very heart of all disease and unrest, purifying and healing with the vibrations of Love. In order to function from within this great state of Love, which burns within the heart, we require a level of determination so strong that nothing can stop us from attaining it. ** When we are able to capture and hold this level of determination nothing will prevent us from attaining our goal.


In the center of every human Heart our True Nature exists our True Selves exist. From this Heart and our other six centers, seventy two thousand subtle energy channels extend to every particle of our physical and subtle being. When these subtle channels become blocked with toxis from that which we have accumulated in our lives, Love becomes restricted in its flow. In fact Love may find it very difficult to flow. When these subtle channels become clear and flowing with Love, it is then that the creative force of life can express itself freely as Love. It is then that this Love truly becomes the Healer of every aspect of our lives.

Without the energy of Love we cannot experience lasting peace.

Without the energy of Love children will not know our joy.

Without the energy of Love our vision of life becomes distorted.

Without the energy of Love we would not exist.

Without the energy of Love the earth would not exist.

Without the energy of Love the entire universe could not exist.

As the True Nature of our entire creation is Love. It is only through the power of this Love that Peace and Tranquility are restored to our world, that healthy bodies and minds are restored to wellness, that abundance and growth are restored, for all the elements of life flow in the order of their created purpose. However, the experience of the energy of Love is not to be confused with superficial infatuation or intellectual love or lust for another, which is promoted in today’s Society as Love


Blockages of our energy channels prevent our natural healing ability from becoming a reality. These blockages are caused not only by past occurrences but also by what we hold onto and embrace at this very moment. For example Unworthiness, the conditioning of which has been deeply ingrained into many cultures through ritual, religion or political systems.

To be stuck in Unworthiness with no rescue in sight, only wishing and struggling to be free from this dreaded weight, eventually solidifies our blockages to create an exhausted mind and body.

Likewise, when we become a victim of Envy, Resentment, Greed, Desire, Arrogance or I Am the Controller, our energy channels become restricted, they are unable to express Love as Love wishes to be expressed. We are unable to truly heal or be healed by this energy of Love. So again, Love sits and waits. Love has no connection to time as it has always been and always will be.

Love is, infinite patience, it is always within us just waiting to be released. This energy of Love when realised, will heal all. For once this dormant energy of Love has been awakened within us, then all blockages may eventually be dissolved. This process becomes a reality as a result of our developing our own inner practices with one-pointed focus and determination.

When Unworthiness, Envy, Resentment, Greed, Desire, Arrogance or I Am the Controller, take hold, they very subtly draw our lives into a vacuum of constriction, we become overwhelmed and bound by an energy field alien to the experience of freedom for which we search.

This constrictive hold on our lives may only be dissolved once we are able to entering the stillness of our own Hearts. To sit quietly and go Inside. Then by bringing the awareness of each restrictive element separately before us, we are able to uproot them and incinerate them on the great Inferno of Love that continually burns within the center of each of us.

The accumulation of Love is also intensified by drawing it into our Hearts on the inhalation of the breath. For the breath is interwoven with the life force of Love, this life force is required in the burning process all our blockages.

To become aware of the True Nature of the breath is very important. To know and understand our ability to inhale and exhale Love on the breath is also very important. To fill ourselves with so much Love and to become intoxicated with this inherent Love is a natural progressive function in life.

To become aware of the nature of our breath through meditation and to experience the power of Love it carries, in itself is a wonderful gift. This awareness enables us to utilize our gift to purify all blockages and to transform our lives.

Let’s now take a moment to experience a little Inner Peace.

Remain in Silence, to experience the resonance of Shalom for a few moments. Click here to play:

Shal-om …. Shal-om or Salem meaning Peace. Om, being the primordial vibration sound of life. Shal-om invokes the power of primordial Peace, Serenity and Love. When we allow ourselves to have the experience of becoming one with this energy, we may well enter for the first time a moment of complete contentment. So, lets now take a moment to have this experience.

Gently closing our eyes, sitting upright allowing our spines to be free, then becoming aware of the breath, breathing in deep and out long,…..Repeat several times, We’ll spend a short time gently focusing on energy contained within the breath while becoming lost in the sound of Shalom. If thoughts arise, allow them to pass, again becoming lost in the energy of the breath and the sound of Shalom.

If we take note and hold in our awareness, even a single moment of peace, by focusing on that moment we are able to expand it each time we return to inhale Shalom.      


From the very moment our dormant energy is awakened we become open to instant healing. The inner journey of Love purifies the subtle energy channels and continues to spontaneously dance its way from the base of our spines to the crown of our heads. As our pure nature becomes free from our outer selves, our ability to recover from illness becomes complete, we are able to heal ourselves and eventually others.

However before this is possible, we must remove the notion of “I am the Healer” as this notion belongs to the impure ego, which actually prevents any genuine healing and wellness from taking place. Healing can only take place when the outer self, the outer ego is removed, allowing the pure vibration of love to do its work.

Love is also unable to heal one whose mind and heart are full of fear, when we attempt to purify our hearts or do spiritual practice whilst full of fear, we can actually intensify the opposite, creating deeper turmoil, confusion and pain.

Often it is the deep fear of death or fear of the unknown that binds us in a state of ill health and exhausted mind (Depression). Love heals and frees the mind from torment and exhaustion, from turmoil and paranoia. It is only when we have made a sincere commitment, to give up the notion of “I am the Doer” or “I must be in control,” and surrender to the will of consciousness, will fear eventually leave us. Then the vibrational energy of Love is able to purify our Minds and purify our Hearts. Instructions for this purification process will be given from within the Heart once we enter into its deep silence with the purest of intentions.

When we ask for the Grace to be healed or to heal another, Grace stretches its arms far beyond the perimeters of our understanding to reach into the world of Infinite Compassion. This Infinite Compassion restores that to its true state of completeness and wholeness as exists within the core of Itself. ® Seated in the centre of Love is pure Intelligence. This Intelligence is the creative nature of Love made real.

It is this reality of perfect wholeness that knows nothing but wellness and joy, as any other state of life, only exists in the world of blindness to the truth. Blindness to the beauty and Love of creation.

The vibration of the power of truth when able to penetrate the Heart can begin to break down the negative conditioning which binds an individual in the state of hopelessness, confusion, dependency and pain. When an individual Heart cries out for help with absolute sincerity releasing all attachment to the outer self. It is then that Grace of Compassion answers our plea.

Then one may be lead to a Great Being seen or unseen who contains the power not only to ignite the dormant source of Love, but to guide and unfold our individual journey of Life. For this to evolve, we must become completely open with unrestricted focus and surrender to the Feet of Creation, to the Feet of Supreme Love within the individual Heart. (Such a Great Being maybe Christ, a patron or favorite Saint, a Lama, Mohammed or a living Teacher, One who has attained the State of Oneness with Conscious Love) There is no difference as each is of the one Conscious Love and will guide us to live in and experience this great State.

“The sweetness of love can never be measured”


In order for love, the great healer to become fully alive within us, we are required to cultivate and develop the vibration of love. This vibration expands as the silent expression of Love when we chant. Chanting the name of Love is the broom to sweep our hearts to purify our minds and restore order to the chaos and confusion of life.

For many thousands of years all seekers of the truth have chanted chants in honour of Love. In honour of the various forms of Love, Chants of complete surrender to the will of Supreme Love. The vibrations created by these chants purify the entire planet. They bring about balance in the electromagnetic fields that have been disturbed by human behaviour.

It is through generating the vibrations of Love that has prevented many major world disasters, Likewise when the focus of the world turns away from cultivating the vibration of Love we witness bloodshed and cruelty of extreme proportions.

As in truth, when we allow the vibration of Love to pulsate in every cell of our bodies, we become restored in vitality, health and abundance. We begin to dance to the true tune of Love, we enter an entirely new faze of life supported and guided by the pure nature of Love. There is no more beautiful way to exist than in oneness with the nature of Love.

There can never be enough pure vibration created by the chanting the names of Supreme Love, as Love is the true Creator and Healer of Life.

Love is the guiding light for our journey through life. Love takes us by the hand, it opens all doors, it provides and supports us. It gives us the understanding and knowledge to sore to great heights, it creates a life of abundance and joy, it nourishes and sustains our endless hunger for it. Love will never abandon us, Love can never abandon us, for our Nature is Love, we are Love.


We cultivate Love by stoking our inner fire, by constantly increasing its intensity. By turning our eyes inward, by turning our breath inwards, by turning our lives inwards. To sit as a yogi in the centre of our Hearts in the center of the fire of Love. To focus only on the fire of this Great Love. To cultivate Love by doing daily practices that foster love. That is how we cultivate Love.

The greatest of these practices, being Meditation. Meditation brings us to a state of stillness and silence, it is the purest form of Prayer and the greatest way to cultivate Love. When we begin each day with the practice of Meditation we actually cultivate enough Love to sustain and protect us for the remainder of that day.

The more we Meditate without expectations, the greater the blessings and state of happiness that unfolds from within our Hearts. Other ways of cultivating Love are; by attending programs that foster Love, by reading special books which foster Love and by doing acts of kindness towards others that foster Love. Also by practicing self-discipline, self-respect, self-honour and self-inquiry, we cultivate Love. 


When we enter into silence we enter into the abode of Love, the centre of Contentment and Peace. It is here that our True Potential of Love unfolds, our energy channels become cleared, allowing us to experience that which is our True Nature. One great method that enables us to expand our experience of Love is Self-Inquiry. When we ask with purity of intention to know what is preventing us from experiencing a deeper and more solid state of Love in our lives, it will be revealed.

Let’s now take a moment to dive into our Hearts and asking for the Grace to reveal one obstacle, which may be preventing us from experiencing this deeper state of Love. Whatever comes to mind examine it and hold it in your awareness.

Sitting in Silence for a few moments.

SHALOM….. Again we’ll invoke the Stillness of Shalom. Gently closing our eyes, sitting upright allowing our spines to be free, then becoming aware of the breath, breathing in deep and out long, repeating this a few times……. Then by focusing on the energy of Love contained within Shalom allowing this Love to fill us completely on the in Breath…… Then on the out breath directing this Love into the centre of that obstacle we wish to dissolve. By repeating this for a few minutes continually f ocusing on absorbing the Love contained within the breath and directing it into the center of what has come to mind. The frequent repetition of this practice will allow the Grace to open us to this deeper experience of Love

Again sitting in Silence for a few moments.

SHARING…. Sharing our experiences is very beneficial as it helps to expand the awareness within ourselves and within others. No matter how small this may appear to us, it may well be a break through for someone else.


We are all capable of sending Love to others from within the deep silence of our own Heart. This happens by sending a beam of Love from our Hearts to penetrate that person’s Heart. To breathe in Love and direct this beam of Love on the out breathe to whomever or wherever we wish. ***

This beautiful practice unfolds naturally, the purer our Hearts and Minds become. It is the power of a pure Mind that transports this Love to another. This great gift of Healing is available to all who follow diligently with Humility, the instructions of the Heart.

Whether a person is near or far away, the power of Love is capable of healing, healing every physical or other aspects of their lives.

Love simply restores one to that True and Complete Nature, which never brakes down or experiences suffering. This power of Love is not distant from anyone nor is it only available to some. This powerful healing Love is available to all, it is an inherent part of every Human’s true Nature. ** (Healing is Free to all and no Charge should ever be attached to it.)

As we go beyond our physical bodies we become established within the center of Love, of our inner steel, the unmovable, unbendable steel that subtly frames our True Nature, while at the same time expressing itself as gentle and as flexible as a delicate breeze.

When we begin to function from within this great state of Love, we experience the fading of barriers, of restrictions, of hardship and of pain, we begin to experience only Love in all things, in all situations and in all people. This great Love however, wishes to protect itself. It becomes allergic to that which may attempt to invade its Presence. It will not tolerate certain environments or behaviour and will act swiftly to correct any situation whose motives are not in Harmony or not Honorable with our awakened and maturing Love.

The power of the awakened Love experiences and expresses itself with great courage, with great compassion and with an urgency in matters of Social Justice. This is an expansion of the expression of healing Love to broader horizons, which all Humans may have the opportunity to experience as their birthright of Love and Happiness, Honour and Dignity.


It is so important that everyone is able to experience this energy of Love, to detect the presence of its warmth ridding on the breath. To become a vehicle whereby Love flows in to nourish and out to sustain. This awareness is so vital for our development and evolvement in this life.

To deny ourselves the experience of the Great Energy of Love

is to deny the very purpose of our existence.

Unless we are able to stop, investigate and attain the experience of this great Love, at this point in our lives, we may very well leave, never knowing or never having experienced the intimate nature and power of this Love, he Bliss of this Love and the true Peace of this Love.

As discussed previously, Love is responsible for all creation. Everything has been created out of Love. Nothing exists except for Love. And nothing can survive without Love. Love is the Healer of all things requiring healing, of all imbalances, of all pain. Nothing is beyond the gently caress of Love. For Love to take us into its arms and nurture us back to a state of complete well-being is the true purpose of Love. No matter what our pains or fears may be in life we have the gift to blast them apart and to burn them completely on the inferno of Love within our own Hearts.

Through Grace, our awareness expands to embrace all that which exists within creation and all that which exists within Love. It grants us complete knowing of how to heal with the power of Love. This awareness unfolds true Humility, which is the vital ingredient of Love, in order to heal. So may our awareness be expanded to embrace the True Nature and Power of Love and may Love expand through every human heart.

‘ May we all begin afresh in this experience of Love.

May we allow ourselves to become fully alive in the

experience of Love.

That this Love may touch everyone dear to us and those whom enters our lives. May we always hold this awareness’

In Peace and Love. Thank you