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My Journal

It is of paramount importance to prepare, keep and update your journal on a daily basis in order to record your present life situations, monitor your life changes and most of all to say thank you for all the blessings.

Your journal will be a valuable inspiration to your commitment to changing your life.

You will look back in amazement at the changes that have taken place in your life as you progress through each module on a daily basis.

Your journal will become a testimony that, 'Self Effort and Grace go Hand in Hand'.

Stay focused, stay committed and you will come to witness the permanent smile of your heart. You will gradually become aware of the situations that once upset you, no longer exist. The 'Red Carpet of Life' may well be rolled out for your new journey, your new life to unfold.

Suggested Page Layout

 My Present Life Situations

My New Changes

My Blessings & Gratitude