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My Life Changed

December 2001

My name is Marie.

Recently I attended ten Life Matters modules at Burleigh Heads. I was drawn to this program as my life was not very happy at the time due to the memories of suppression all my life. Being the smallest in my family I was always told to be quiet, my input was never able to be expressed and as a result I became very withdrawn, this pattern affected my entire life.

However the modules gave me guidance direction into my life. It was a ray of sunshine in my life to meet new friends and to focus on uplifting myself and others with the spirit of the modules, which is about love.

I want to become the best person I can possibly become. And to become that best person I need sound messages and people who are willing to contribute positively to society. I am inspired by good thoughts and good messages, which allow my days to become happy.

The modules keep me in focus and the meditation programs ground me. Little by little I am letting more sun shine through my heart. Today my life is very happy and more fun, I am able to speak and express myself freely, I am respected and accepted more by everyone. The modules have been a great blessing. Thank you.