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The Mind

The mind is perhaps one of the greatest mysteries of life, with its endless ability to create or destroy. Many are uplifted by the mind, while others may be going crazy. In this module we will be exploring the mind, its nature, its functions, its power, its purpose in our lives and how to befriend and purify the Mind.


When we are able to put aside everything we have ever learned, read or been told, what are we left with? Perhaps our own uncluttered selves, a state of nothingness, our own silent stillness. Perhaps then, from this uncluttered state, we ask ourselves these questions. “Mind, what are you?” “Who are you?” “How do you function?”

The answer we receive may be very similar to this.

“Your Mind is your friend. Your Mind is consciousness. Your Mind is the vehicle to restore your memory and to restore you to your experience of your own self. Your own nature of love.” “I am in your Mind as I am in you, you are also your Mind.”

“Your Mind is an expansive network of vibrational frequency membranes of consciousness. This expansive energy field exists within its own realm of consciousness as part of yourself. Your Mind exists within your subtle world attached to your physical world by its fine membranes of energy. Your mind creates into reality that which it consumes or that which you create; this is why it very important to remain vigilant of just what you expose your mind to and what images you choose to create.”

“Know that your mind consumes that which enters its environment, then delivers this information by way of electrical impulses to your inner Heart where everything is assimilated.”

“This information is stored in your subconscious and in the memory of every cell of your human body. The assimilation of positive energy contained within the cells memory sustains and preserves a healthy content body and mind. Likewise the assimilation of negative energy contained within the memory of the cells causes degeneration, disease and chaos within the body and mind.”

“The information stored in the memory of your subconscious, brain and body cells formulate the pattern of your behaviour, your perception, your creativeness and your ability to function in a rational and balanced manner.”

“You have been equipped with free will in order to discern that which confronts you, you are able to choose the environment of positive or negative exposures. Each decision you make adds or subtracts from the state in which you exist at any point in time.”

“Therefore it is very important for you to realise the urgency of remembering who you really are and to re-experience your great state of oneness. Your Mind longs to rest and to function from within its natural environment, which is your Heart.” **

Sit quietly for a moment.


The pure nature of our Minds is consciousness, the pure nature and expression of pulsating Love. This pure nature never changes, it is compete within itself. The nature of our Minds has three characteristics that enable us to reach unlimited levels of potential.

These are:

1. The power to constitute the subtle.

2. The power to determine.

3. The power of diversified objectivity, which allows thought constructs to form and become materialized.

The nature of the Mind filters in various degrees all sensations that are not useful or of benefit to the receiver and delivers those that are. The nature of the Mind filters the flood of sensations and delivers those for which we are equipped to cope.

E.g. A faint sound in the distance would be recorded as loud as the music we may be listening to. We could never cope with invasions of thousands of sounds all at one pitch being received at one time. This would include the sensitivity of hearing voices that are not usually audible to the human ear, yet in reality exist.

The nature of the mind brings order to our senses.


Information is draw form two primary sources. Firstly, that of the intellect, which draws its resources from the information we have accumulated from learning since childhood, now stored in the memory of the conscious brain and subconscious. Secondly, that of pure intelligence and pure intuition, which draws its resources from the central core of creation situated in the center of every human Heart. This information becomes more accessible as a result of cultivating and entering into our own deep silence. By simply asking the inner knower with purity of intention, all knowledge is able to be revealed.  


The purity and power of our individual perception, is determined by the level of our individual vibration. The level of vibration that we have achieved to this point in our lives and in which we function right now. The ability to perceive takes us into the dream state, which already exists on a subtle level as reality. Our perception is expanded and developed through entering into deep stillness and silence, invoking and cultivating the energy of love, hence raising our level of vibration.

Likewise our perception becomes clouded in various degrees by the exposure to incompatible material, that being either, restrictive or subversive mind conditioning, mental toxicity, mental exhaustion, or the intake of chemicals, drugs alcohol or reptilian behaviour. These encage us in a world of slavery and subservience where our perception becomes distorted and dysfunctional. Hence, the true beauty and joys of our lives are never experienced.


When we suffer from a turbulent, restless, worrying mind, our entire lives become an experience of upset, insecurity, anxiety, dependency, frustration, sadness and ill health.

No books, no vacation, no courses, no councilors, no psychiatrist, no drugs, no religion, no changing of partners, nothing will ever free us from that which we continue to embrace.

In our every day lives, how can a turbulent, restless or worrying mind be fully present in our work or fully present in a classroom of learning, in what ever we may be doing? How is it possible to focus on our task when the mind is flying from one worry to another, from one upset to another, from one stress to another? So then! Who is present at our work? Who is present in the classroom? Who is present in what we are doing? Is it just a body functioning out of habit? So what are we achieving in our pursuits to work, to learn or to achieve? Perhaps only a fraction of what is possible compared to when our minds have become still, clear and at peace.

It appears that nothing is able to change until we are prepared to want to change ourselves, making a commitment deep within. It appears that only then, will we be given the tools, guidance and courage to begin our journey that will enable our minds to be purified. To purify any contaminates that may be stored in the layers of our subconscious that are distorting our minds ability to communicate and express clearly. Attempting to live a life with a turbulent or worrying mind may well be like attempting to ride a horse without any knowledge or understanding of what we are doing, and then blaming the horse for our continually falling off.

We’ll now take a moment to allow ourselves to experience a little Peace of Mind. The vibration of So Hum invokes the power of Peace, Serenity and Love enabling our Minds to be drawn into the Stillness and experience of Itself. By gently closing our eyes, sitting upright allowing our spines to be free, then becoming aware of the breath, breathing in deep and out long several times, gently holding our focus between the eyes as we follow our breath entering and leaving, eventually becoming lost in the sound of So on the in breath and Hum on the out breath. If thoughts arise, simply allow them to pass, that our minds may remain free. (Repeat this for a few minutes.)


The subtle conditioning of minds has been substantially increasing with time. ‘Mind Conditioning’ invades in various degrees and may completely take over the life of an individual.

Children have become the latest casualties of this ‘Mind Conditioning’ as many major corporations push to increase their profits. It is extremely sad when the highly sensitive and impressionable young minds of our children are invaded and manipulated on behalf of shareholders.

Is it TIME for parents and leaders of society to take responsibility for the preservation of our children’s minds and the quality of what we permitted them to be exposed to, such as the continual barrage of trivia, hype, materialism, subliminal morally low messages and violence? These patterns eventually become installed in their psyche as normal behaviour, displaying a lack of calmness, focus, empathy, stability, self worth and self-respect.

The cultivation and preservation of children’s minds determine the basis of future Stable Families and Stable Communities. Children’s Minds when free from interference, function from the pure State of Creative Spontaneity, where only Love can be seen and experienced radiating from their little eyes.


The mind becomes exhausted as a result of being exposed to a variety of invasions, such as; constant putdowns, denial of self-expression or development, the misfortune of shock after a great loss or a traumatic incident, mental concussion caused by continual verbal, physical or sexual abuse, each of which may create deep subconscious scares. The unfulfillment of our inner yearnings may also directly be responsible for the mind becoming exhausted.

This state of mental exhaustion is at epidemic rates in today’s society as the majority of humans continue to be unaware of the restrictions placed upon their inner endeavors of self-expression and self-development. They have become desensitised to the notion of acceptance, of what ever they are told. However because of this, their creative expression which is free within itself, is capped.

The mind, although being one with our creative nature becomes exhausted. It needs to rest, to take refuge in silence, in uninterrupted stillness and love. For silence, stillness and love are the pure and only true source of healing for the exhausted mind.

After deep rest the mind requires to be nurtured and slowly given the opportunity and nutrition to develop its creative nature.

Unfortunately the exhausted mind is often not understood, it is labeled as a mind suffering from depression or other dysfunctions and given a variety of invasive medications, treatments and remedies in an attempt to activate it or to suppress that, which requires to be addressed.

When our bodies become exhausted…….Yet to be included

Due to a combination of factors the brain may become drained of two key elements, one being serotonin a natural brain chemical also found in an egg plant known as Morinda Citra-folia. The other is endorphins, which may be accelerated by cultivating love and happiness especially through pure meditation, also by cultivating humor, laughter and gratitude in our daily lives. 


Thought stems from one central source projecting images onto the screen of our minds. This central source of thought originates in the subtle heart or pure consciousness. While these thoughts are pure at the source of origin they may become distorted as they pass through any negative influences stored in layers of our subconscious to be presented as our conscious thought or perceived truth.

Thought is influenced by that which has been recorded from shortly after conception, including all forms of learning and observations to be stored in the brain memory.

Another powerful influence of thought stems from the subtle external influences that we may refer to as the monkeys of the mind. These monkeys of the mind or impure ego is a name given to an energy whose sole agenda is to distract us from knowing and experiencing our own true greatness. This is all part of the challenge and illusions of life given to us to help find ourselves.

Have we ever stopped to consider who is really controlling our desires, our cravings, our habits, or our movements? Are we puppets dancing to the tune of a false and deliberately misleading source? This is one of the most important questions of our lives. It may well be the turning point in our lives, if only we have the courage to look, to face and to identify the real driving force behind our thoughts, decisions, speech, behaviour and direction, in life.

If we are unaware of this pattern of subtle manipulation of our lives by these intrusive thoughts, then little by little we may well become slaves dancing to the tune of the Monkey’s who influence the Mind.

When a thought enters our air space it may well carry with it a magnetic energy empowering us to follow it’s will, all focus of whatever we may have been engrossed in, is erased form our memories. We become completely seduced by the will of this thought. Its energy is overwhelming. This form of invasion is peculiar to that of the Monkey’s of the Mind, who, as we are aware, have one gross intention and that is to lure us into a false world of delusion and sense gratification, away from our experience of the great Love that awaits us, within our own Hearts.

Lets now take a little time for Self-inquiry

Self-inquiry. Self-enquiry enables us to discover the root causes of specific thoughts that may be creating a turbulent or worrying Mind. By contemplating and bringing to mind those thoughts, we are able to examine them, seeing them perhaps in a new light. Thoughts that may be responsible for our Minds racing and avoiding silence.

Again gently closing our eyes and entering into silence, asking for the Grace for one specific negative thought that continually invades our Mind, to be revealed. Whatever comes to mind, examine, hold in your awareness or write it down.

Sit in Silence for a few moments.

Again we’ll invoke the Stillness of So Hum. Gently closing our eyes, sitting upright allowing our spines to be free, becoming aware of the breath, breathing in deep and out long, repeating this several times. Then by focusing on the peace and love contained within So Hum allow this to fill us completely on the in breath. Then on the out breath directing this Love into the center of that thought we wish to erase. By repeating this for a few minutes continually focusing on that Love contained within the breath, allowing the Grace to dissolve this thought, bringing about that peace of Mind we long for.

Again sitting in Silence for a few moments.


To become the witness to our thoughts and to eventually come be free of all thoughts, to live in a Thought Free State, truly reaps the most powerful of minds. It is from this Thought Free State that all great artists, composers, poets and writers create. They have no recollection of ever having created their work and are completely free of any attachment to their origin.


The thrust of power behind each thought is capable of transforming that thought into pure reality, without exception. The degree of power behind each thought again is governed by the purity of ones intention. The power of thought molds us into the reality of what we consume through our senses. I.e. our eyes, ears, mouth, nose and touch. The greatest and most creative form of thought flows unimpeded from the reservoir of thought which exists in the void between thought, the space of no thought. When we cultivate this space, our thoughts imbibe the power to become materialised, there are no boundaries or restrictions to our achievements in life, we become truly free within our selves. This same thought has created the entire universe and world we live in today.


Why do we need a Mind? Why is Mind part of our makeup? We may be of the opinion that our Minds are there to think, to imagine, to dream, to calculate, to plan, to study, to understand, to remember or to discern. Each of these is correct, however they are but minor functions and gifts of the Mind. The prime intention and purpose of the Mind is to lead us to live in the permanent state of Bliss.


The level of our vibration is a direct result of our input into the purification process of our Minds and Hearts. Once we begin the process, then little by little our vibration rises to a finer frequency.

As our vibration is raised above that of basic function and reptilian brain we begin to experience a new awareness and understanding of life, we begin to experience lightness in weights and in our physical presence, our perception expands immensely, we begin to only see solutions to life, there are no boundaries or limitations, just the experience of inner freedom and the continual pulsation of energy, of Bliss in our entire bodies


In order to enjoy a content, creative, and exciting Mind, we are required to understand the fundamental function and requirements of the Mind. That is to become Thought Free, to become absolutely still and to invite our minds to enter into the abode of our Hearts. A Mind that is able to become Thought Free enjoys a State of life free from all attachments and pain. This Mind may invoke unlimited power to cultivate love and peace.

To be embraced by a pure mind is the cry of every human Heart the seed of creation. When a pure Mind and pure Heart are able to dance together, likewise our lives become a dance of intoxicating Bliss.

E-Motions - Energy In Motion

There are seventy two thousand subtle energy channels in the human body through which our vital energy flows. Can we possibly imagine chasing our hormones in the form of expressive energy in motion as they explode through these seventy two thousand channels? And yet we are told to follow our emotions. This may well become a little arduous and over all quite exhausting. Perhaps if we just sit and become the witness to our energy in motion rather than constantly chasing or following or attempting to understand it. Perhaps then our sanity may stabilise.

A Mind On The Run

A Mind constantly on the Run is a mind searching for itself. Searching for the riches and treasures, which it instinctively knows are There. Little do we realise that the energy being expended on this never ending search, is the very energy required to unfold what is There.

The Home Of The Mind

Our Mind is pure consciousness, the same consciousness as our pure Nature, the same consciousness that is seated There in every human Heart. Our Mind also longs to dwell There. For the Heart is the very Nature of our Mind and we and the Mind are one. For all three of us abide There as one, pulsating in the energy of Love.

My Mind My Friend

To befriend our Minds is to befriend Contentment. It is the beginning of a new life. A Content Mind allows us to experience waves of energy rising or swelling up inside us, this is the Bliss of our own True Nature. When we invite our Minds to join us in the stillness of our Hearts, when we are able to sit in silence together, it is then that our Minds begin to materialise the True Beauty of life.

Mind is Bliss and Bliss is Mind


In order to purify the Mind, it is very necessary to participate in daily exercises of the mind, to discipline and strengthen the mind, to fill it with great energy, this is why we meditate or immerse ourselves in silence. It is also important to practice acts kindness to others, to befriend and offer friendliness to those who are happy, to offer goodwill to those who are kind, to show compassion to those who are suffering and to be impartial to those who are not uplifting to life. It is also important to be mindful and to monitor the activities of our mind. To examine our thoughts, their intent and their consequences and become the witness of our minds. **

When we allow ourselves a little time each day to enter into the deep stillness of our inner silence, we are actually filling our minds with so much love, this daily practice allows our minds to become still, to become free of that which has confined us to a restrictive or painful life.

Little by little as we befriend our Minds, our Minds befriend us.


In peace and love. Thank you

“May Everyone Be Happy”