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The Pain's of Life

The subtle pains of life are not pains without a source or reason. Pain is the indicator or natures warning of something greater about to unfold or the consequence of something that has just happened or the resurrection from our subconscious of past memories and events being released onto the screen of our minds, only to be painfully relived. This may be followed by a varied degree of shock, trauma, anxiety, stress, depression, ill health or a strong desire to cut free from such pains.

These strong desires may even include cutting short our visit to the classroom of life. In this module we become aware of the various types of pain that we may experience, their characteristics and affects, with ways to dissolve them.

Questions we may often ask ourselves.

Why can’t I get ahead in my life?

Why am I confronted with one worry after another?

Why do I experience so much stress, anxiety or frustration?

Why do I suffer so much hardship and pain?

Why am I surrounded by constant arguments and unrest?

Why have those dearest to me been removed from my life?

Why is there so much disease and illness everywhere I look?

Why is there so much cruelty and violence in the world?

Why do I have this strong desire to free myself of Life’s Pains?

The answers to these questions are best heard with the ears of our Hearts, from a space of deep inner stillness. To assist us reach this space, let’s once again become lost in the sound of So and Hum. The repetition of So Hum releases the tangible energy of Peace, Serenity and Love contained within the Breath.

Sitting upright allowing our spines to be free, gently closing our eyes, now becoming aware of the breath, breathing in deep and out long several times, then gently begin to inhale and exhale the sound of So Hum on the breath. So as we breathe in and Hum as we breathe out, become completely absorbed in the sound. Repeat this for a minute or two.

Hold and remain in the gentle vibration of this energy - allowing it to completely embrace and support our entire being as we become the witness in this journey to free ourselves from the entanglement and entrapment of life’s pains.

The Classroom of life.

In the classroom of life our physical conscious nature may well be likened to a sculptor’s slab of clay still in its youngest form yet to be molded, shaped and polished into the form held firmly in the creative and expansive awareness of the Master Sculptor himself.

That being the case, we as infants arrive into this world as very porous and pliable blimps of clay able to be gently caressed and molded into the pure expression of the Sculptor, where our parents become the caretakers of this little blimp to maintain our suppleness and natural state as the hands of the Sculptor begins their task.

As time evolves this natural and spontaneous state may well have been sustained by the guidance, protection and love of our parents, on the other hand we may not have been quite so fortunate, we may have become exposed or subjected to various degrees of certain harsh elements or events damaging and infiltrating our nature to become one of sadness, bewilderment, aloneness or even abandonment.

At this point with our permission the Hands of the Sculptor are able to caress and nurture us back into His pliable form. If we decide to ignore the offer of His gentle caress we invariably wander off to become embroiled in our own self pity, demanding to take control of the situation, lashing out in blame. Gradually this behaviour distorts our nature, as it absorbs more and more toxins cementing our nature as one of resistance, inflexibility or even stone.

Here the Sculptor is compelled to resort to the use of his chisel and mallet as molding with the gentle caress of his hands is no longer effective or possible.  

Feel the Pain? That’s the Chisel at work.

Having gradually reached an age of maturity where the responsibility of maintaining our subtle and pliable nature becomes ours, we as individuals are required to examine from time to time the State of our Nature and if required, fine tune the source of our intentions.

Great Beings that have walked this Earth from the beginning of time, have lived in the state of awareness of the Sculptors plan, they understood the purpose and always experienced His gentle caress completely. They became drunk with the Bliss of His State. This State of drunken Bliss is there waiting for each of us when ready

Society today and through the ages have mainly been encouraged to turn away, to console themselves and control their own destiny, searching for answers in those they have set up as masters, often masters of resistance, inflexibility or even stone. Consequently the separation from our intended nature binds us to a life of vulnerability, searching and pain. By becoming aware of the various forms of Pain we are able to identify, understand and finally change and uproot them from our lives.  


Self-Inflicted Pains.

Some major factors contributing to the infliction of personal pain and suffering upon ourselves are;

· Wrong or limited understanding, being the consequence of being unaware or closing our minds to that information and knowledge that will uplift and rescue us from otherwise so much hardship and pain.

· Trivia, and hype, consumed in a world of or materialism that promotes the exaggerated importance attached to minor issues.

· Arrogance, the outward portrayal of ignorance.

· The analytical mind, which we may spend a lifetime trying to understand something that already knows itself completely, creating inner frustration and mental exhaustionand, when all knowledge is revealed within.

· Envy, the result of ungratefulness, a state of never being satisfied.

· Resentment, the seed of cancer.

· Revenge, which only creates intense heartbreak and achieves nothing but more pain.

· Expectations, which can only reap disappointment after disappointment.

· Criticism, of ourselves or of others is a destroyer of the good we may have accumulated in our lives.

· Gossip, creating or participating in, is the cruelest expression of ones poison upon another, its consequence upon ourselves is swift and embedded in deep misery.

Perhaps three of the most powerful factors responsible for self-inflicted pain are Desire, Anger, and Greed. These three construct the pathway we walk to creating our own hell on earth. Greed breeds desire and desire breeds greed, neither can ever be fulfilled, the consequence of this frustrated unfulfillment manifests anger. Anger, greed and desire go hand in hand in their endeavors to wreck our lives. We are never able to experience lasting peace, love or happiness while we foster one of or each of these three elements of life, as each is rooted in fear, and fear begins with the absence of love and the separation from our own Nature.

Other factors responsible for restricting our development resulting in mental exhaustion, physical fatigue and pain are;

The constant telling ourselves that we can never change our life, that good fortune could never happen to us, that what chance have we got? If Only! This form of mantra repetition creates exactly what we project. Each negative creation projected, contributes to an inner eclipse around our conscious nature, diminishing our chances of a positive outcome ever becoming a reality. **

Malnutrition. The state we experience as a consequence of deprivation of vital nutrition. Malnutrition deprives both the physical body and our subtle selves of the vital ingredients, live force and capacity required to sustain our balanced and active presence in this life.

In order for the body’s chemistry, cells and organs to function efficiently and remain disease free, we require a basic understanding of the ingredients of that which we consume or expose ourselves to on a daily basis. The majority of processed, modified or fresh foods sold today may be void of the required level of life force, or contain substances or toxins that suppress or eliminate the vital trace elements our bodies so inherently require to perform. Consequently we begin to regress prematurely becoming both imbalanced and toxic sponges when constantly subjected to such diets.

Likewise when our minds are constantly exposed to the Reptilian diet of violence, promiscuity, trivia, hype, materialism and consumerism, we then become the perfect clone of that environment.


Psychological Concussion - Brain Damage. When an individual at any stage of life is subjected to continual physical or mental abuse, including rejection, abandonment, separation, denial of expression, or has their Brain invaded by foreign matter such as bacteria’s or metals such as mercury which has been present in many vaccines. One or all of these factors will seriously retard a Human Life, with the consequence of openly displaying; frustration, inability to focus, insecurity, irrational behaviour, violent tendencies, depression, autism, seizures, convulsions, mental retardation, asthma, psychopathic behaviour and suicide.

It is so sad, and such a tragedy that so much pain is inflicted upon humans, either out of ignorance, greed or an agenda to manipulate and control.


When we inflict pain on others by speaking negatively about them or making judgments, without any consideration of the truth, or of the consequence resulting from the hurtful words we may speak. When we ramble out of control on issues that are counterproductive to the upliftment of our own lives and others.

When certain behaviour especially at the expense of others is our entertainment, aware or unaware that it carries a consequence of internal toxic buildup, which negatively influences our entire lives. The personal set back in our own evolvement, could be rather considerable. This behaviour pollutes every future thought, word or action we make, to the point of depriving us of the full experience of our senses, together with speeding up the aging process.***

Let’s now take a few moments to send peace and love to someone we may have unintentionally hurt.

.Again we’ll invoke the Stillness of So Hum. Gently closing our eyes, sitting upright allowing our spines to be free, then becoming aware of the breath, breathing in deep and out long, repeating this a few times. Then allowing the peace, serenity and love contained within So Hum to fill us completely on the in breath.

Then on the out breath directing this Love to someone we may have unintentionally hurt. By repeating this for a few minutes continually focusing on the Love contained within the breath, we allow the Grace to dissolve any pains we may have inflicted on another.   

Again sitting in Silence for a few moments.


Others, are attracted to us and vise versa by an electro magnetic force. This force is determined and varies according to the environment that we have created and or been exposed to since conception. We attract those on the same level of vibration as that, which resonates from our own energy. This attraction is very powerful; it reflects our inner state to those with whom we associate. It will even draw those into our lives with whom we need to associate for the purpose of learning yet another lesson if so required. When our lives become consumed by a low level of reptilian vibration, we will continually and constantly attract those on the same low vibration into our lives. This primal existence (Reptilian – Reptile Behaviour and Reasoning.) is alien to our True Nature resulting in our constant internal struggle and painful experiences.

We may have wondered why our lives have become so demanding, so suppressive so unfulfilled or so painful. A life indulging in negative thoughts, language or behaviour, decreases our vibration frequency, creating a negative energy force, if this continues, we become locked into a hopeless cycle of repeating the same actions responsible for creating this painful state.

The only escape from pain is to raise our vibrational level above the force that is pulling us down. This is only achieved by turning our focus within, it is then, that we are given the tools, the guidance and the courage to become free of pain. ***


With respect to our behaviour and present position in life. We are actually sitting at the keyboard of our lives, programming and creating our very own future. There is no one to blame for what we create, except ourselves. However through the right understanding and inner guidance, we are able to design a life full of blessings and abundance.


There are many other unseen factors that influence our pains and behaviour in life, such as a suppressive or disturbing living environment. Undersized dwellings, high in toxic building products, furniture and fittings, with very little space to move, lack of privacy and peace of mind. (Scientific evidence clearly shows how this style of inhabitance creates instability, irritability, aggression, violent behaviour, degenerative health and cancer.)

Other factors responsible for creating chaos in our lives are; the constant exposure to aggressive, violent, disrespectful or submissive behaviour, through real life circumstances, media publications or any form of entertainment, with the emphases on television, videos, video games and movies.

These impressions and influences become imbedded in our subconscious only to be reenacted in our own lives. The quality of what we ourselves are exposed to, especially our children, is vital for every one including parents to understand, as the consequences of such destructive forces and negative influences create so much chaos and pain in our lives. In the world of theatre when we learn a script, rehearse for a character roll and finally put on the costume, it is at that moment we actually become that character. We leave behind our own selves to play out this new roll.

In addition, the constant exposure to aggressive, violent, ill mannered or low moral behaviour, not only becomes accepted as the normal play of life, it completely dominates and destroys our society, again creating great suffering and pain.

Another influence on our lives is constant exposure to an imbalance of the energy grids in the air, earth, or water table. Where ever we live or work these known factors are capable of creating an internal reaction at cellular level, of various degrees of uneasiness, illness, irritability, anxiety, or unstable and aggressive behaviour.


Our health is also directly affected by the quality of food we consume. Times have change from the days of the home veggie garden where we picked fresh for each meal, food free from toxic sprays and full of vitality.

However in today’s society the majority of our food supply has been infused with preservatives, additives, enhancers, colours or if fresh, toxic sprays, hormones and perhaps radiation. Each of these has a consequence either by affecting our behaviour resulting in hypo activity, irritability, aggression, or by starving our bodies of vital nutrition resulting in malnutrition, obesity, depletion of our immune system, disease, stress and premature aging and death.

When we harbor toxic build up in our physical or subconscious, it directly affects our physical and mental health. We are never able to be at ease. This is the root of all illness, imbalances and disease. Disease simply meaning, not at ease. However when we are able to bring our lives back into a natural rhythm of nutrition, exercise and inner contentment, our health and general well-being improves immensely. *


For many centuries we have been told that we are sinners, unworthy and only human. This suppressive conditioning may be likened to a dark cloud covering civilization.

Its consequences have infiltrated every aspect of our lives, depriving us of the truth of life, our own greatness, creativeness and the experience of our own inner selves. For we are each made in the image and likeness of Great Love, consequently our True Nature is that of Love!


We have all been equipped with Free Will in order to discern that which confronts us. We are able to choose the environment of positive or negative exposure and behaviour. Each decision we make adds or subtracts from the state in which we exist at any point in time. Our ability to accurately discern, making the wisest decisions on that which confronts us, depends entirely on the Inner State of our Hearts. This reflects the level of vibration we resonate and determines the power of the Mind to create reality from thought.


Another factor that creates upset and pain in our lives is the absence of gratitude for the blessings and gifts given to us. The absence of gratitude severely restricts the flow of our vital energy, good health and good fortune. When we become consumed by the path of accumulation, power or control, without a moment to reflect on our Gratefulness, then we devoice ourselves from the true treasures of life. We exist in a baron and frantic world of various forms of insanity. By being aware of the Blessing that unfold in our lives and those who show kindness towards us, we are then able to say Thank you. **

Let’s take a few moments to experience sending pure love and gratitude to someone in our lives that has shown us kindness

Again we’ll invoke the Stillness of So Hum. Gently closing our eyes, sitting upright allowing our spines to be free, then becoming aware of the breath, breathing in deep and out long, repeating this several times. Then allowing the peace, and love contained within Shalom to fill us completely on the in breath. Then on the out breath directing this Love and gratitude to that special person.

By repeating this for a few minutes continually focusing on the breath, we allow the energy of love and gratitude to fill and remain in our own Hearts.

Again sitting in Silence for a few moments.

In order to live a happy and healthy life of Peace and Love, it is vital, to be at ease within our Hearts and Minds. To experience Tranquility. If we do not give ourselves this opportunity, then our lives will conclude, never knowing or experiencing this great Peace, this great Love and the great achievements that we came into this life to fulfill.


Suffering and Pain. The painful experiences of life do carry some consolation. That is, that they bestow great gifts, gifts of compassion, wisdom, guidance, patience, tolerance, character, understanding and knowledge, providing we do not retaliate with, resentment, poor me or revenge. In which case if we do, the consequences are delivered in a personal package labeled, “Miserable life.”

At any point or moment in our lives we may step off and break the cycle of attachment to pain, all we have to do, is to let go. *



When we enter into the peace and silence of our Hearts, utilising the tools we have been given to scrub, clean and polish our Hearts and Minds, then, the spontaneous process of dissolving pain, suffering, obstacles, stress and depression begins.

Human nature has one burning desire, that is, for Love, to be completely engulfed in Love. Love is the name we have given to this great energy, which is contained within every human Heart. However the art of tapping its source has been mainly forgotten, yet the inner desire to attain this love has intensified to a point of near explosiveness.

Through forgetfulness, this deep desire to satisfy the burning hunger for love sends mankind into a state of total confusion and panic in search of it.

In order to become completely free of the effects of pain and suffering, in order to witness them separate from ourselves, without affecting us, we must uproot the tree of control of doer-ship, including every ounce of I. I. I. or ME. ME. ME.

We must uproot the notion of being a slave to poor miserable and low me, uproot the action of taking refuge in pain and burn them on the fire of Love within. We are also required to pay careful attention to the instructions that are revealed from this deep silence of our Hearts, from the hub of all creation.

When we enter into this silence of our Hearts completely, it is then, that maybe for the first time in our lives we are able to experience something very satisfying, very calm, and very true.

We may well experience a sensation of coming Home. Each time we return to this silent surrender, we experience this state of calmness of absolute peace, deeper and longer. The peace we have spent our lives searching for. Until eventually every moment of our lives functions from within this great state of peace.

Millions of people all over the world today are turning within to discover and experience the greatness, the Peace, the Harmony and Love for which they have always longed.

It is very important to understand, that everything we have ever craved for, fought for, and experienced great pains of life for, waits patiently within.

Every aspect of our lives becomes alive, to an extent that may well be beyond our imagination once we are able to turn our focus within. We become great at every thing we do.

Let’s take another few moments to fill ourselves completely with love.

Again we’ll invoke the Stillness of So Hum. Gently closing our eyes, sitting upright allowing our spines to be free, then becoming aware of the breath, breathing in deep and out long, repeating this several times. Then allowing the peace, and love contained within So to fill us completely on the in breath. Then Hum on the out breath directing this Love into the centre of our own Hearts.

By repeating this for a few minutes continually focusing on the breath, we allow the experience of the great energy of love to fill us completely and remain present in our own daily lives.

May we all come to experience the pains in our lives replaced with the pulsation of Bliss and of Freedom, where our behaviour becomes one of Gentleness, Patience, Empathy and Compassion to be showered upon our Children, our Spouse’s, our Families and each other. 

In Peace and Love. Thank you.

“May Everyone Be Happy”