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The Purpose of Life

Module 1


Please feel free to communicate for discussion, any aspects, thoughts or points pertaining to situations in your own life or in the content of the module. Thank you. Please click here.

Today many may see and experience life and the world around us as a wonderful place to be and enjoy, while others may see and experience life as crazy and out of control. Some may see every thing as wondrous and exciting, while other may see only degeneration, becoming completely overwhelmed and wondering where it’s all going to end.

Many may be confronted or surrounded by ever increasing financial pressure, personal or family problems, depression, illness, emotional or psychological circumstances struggling to cope and not knowing which way to turn, just wanting to break free from this never ending cycle.

We may feel helpless in bringing about change in our lives.

We may have so many unanswered questions, such as.

Who am I. Really?                           What is life all about?

What am I meant to achieve?           Why is fear so influential?

Why do I become so frustrated?        Why can’t I hold wealth?

What prevents me from being free?   Where can I find true love?

Will we ever see world peace?

Everyone wants to be happy and loved, really happy inside, all of the time. We may well ask, what keeps us from this experience? Why have we fallen victim to forgetfulness of how to hold Happiness?*

Who am I. Really?

Who am I really deep inside. When I sit alone completely alone and yet not alone, who is there? Where does that sense of another present come from? Where does that silent voice I hear from time to time come from? What lays hidden in the deep Centre of my being? How am I able to connect to what’s inside of me?

We are individuals Beings of a very high nature, yet as individual as we may be, we are all part of the collective vibrations and energy of the nature of Love. It is this Love that binds us together as one yet allows us to experience our individuality. *

We have chosen to be here at this point in time, here in this classroom of Life to uplift and purify our individual and collective nature that we may enjoy a greater experience and level of Bliss once we return. It is important for each of us to rediscover our own chosen purpose of what we are here to achieve. In order to realise this, it is necessary for us to re-remember and come to experience who we really are and to become reunited with our Inner Nature as this Nature holds the purpose and the map to our journey. *

Once we learn how to enter the enormous energy of our Inner Nature, the Blueprint of our journey begins to gradually unfold, we are guided and protected as long as we remain focused and not lose sight of why we are here. From this Inner Nature we experience a new wisdom and broader understanding of all things relevant together with a new level of happiness in our lives, one that we may have only dreamed about. *

However while we are here in this classroom, we are responsible and accountable for our individual behaviours and rewarded for our positive contributions and creations.

It is very important to rise above the many misconceptions of what we are not. We, are not unworthy, worthless or lowly humans. We, are not our worldly possessions, or our status in life. We, are not our good looks. We, are not our physical bodies. * We, are not limited in our ability to create or bring about change, and we, do not really die in the sense that death is our fin

ality. We simply shied our physical costume and return to whence we came. *

Little by little we have become forgetful of the experience of our own identity and just what this journey of life is really about. As a consequence of this forgetfulness we begin to search outside of ourselves in the material world for that which we instinctively know exists yet is always just beyond our reach. We begin to experience ‘Fear’ and the ‘Pains of Life’ associated with the separation.

It appears that during the Birth process our ability to remember and connect with our Inner vision and Inner knowledge fully, becomes impaired, more so after the age of four years as we gradually become exposed to the influence of the adult world.

It may have been some time since we were able to experience or touch that special peace within due to our busy lives. A most effective way of achieving this is by drawing into ourselves the energy and frequencies of a high vibration.

What is life all about and what are we meant to achieve?

Life may be seen or experienced as a great play or game of hide and seek. Where we, are the players searching for that which has been temporary hidden from us. Like any play there are characters and like any game there is a goal to achieve, and guidelines to follow. The goal of the game of life is to find our ‘True Selves,’ to search, to hunt, to do what ever is required to reclaim our entirety of who we really are, to learn, to function and to permanently dwell from within this powerful energy field of creative Love which is our “True Self”.

Once understood, we are able to begin the process of burning any accumulated Dross and past Behaviours preventing us from experiencing that permanent level of Happiness and Peace in our lives that we inherently know to exist, thus fulfilling the purpose of our visit.

Information pertaining to the rules, directions to follow or ones re-discoveries leading to the re-emergence of this oneness, are beyond price, beyond all charges, they are free to all and may never incur conditions, restrictions or limitations. Once we are able to open our Hearts and befriend our Minds, we are given the understanding of this play together with its rules that enable us to reach our destination.

Each unfolding step of the process of rediscovery in the play of life is a great gift, a gift to enjoy, a gift to uplift, a gift to pass on.

The great play of life encourages us to cultivate love and happiness, to experience love and happiness, to live in the State of love and happiness and to shower love and happiness upon others whilst on our journey. This practice strengthens our focus and determination to reach our goal, it allows the reality of our journey to unfold very quickly. If during our stay we are able cultivate Virtues and assist in the upliftment of humanity, then we have truly contributed to leaving this classroom a better place for our brief visit.

This journey allows us as players in the play of remembrance of life, to prepare and equip ourselves through the teachings and guidance of Great Beings. Through focus, commitment and inner strength we learn how to find and re-experience our True Nature, our True Selves, which is that of Lightness, of Freedom and a level of Happiness we may have only dreamed of, yet exists equally within each of us.

It exists as a level of power, as a level of energy, as a level of light and frequency that is able to create all experiences, to transform into reality all situations and all levels of imagination. The opportunity to renew and begin our lives afresh, exists equally for each of us. It sits patiently waiting there for the asking. Recognising and embracing this opportunity is the first step in attaining that of which we are meant to achieve. #

Why am I so fearful?

We experience fear as a result of our separation, as a result of the veil that has come between our inner selves and that of who we consider ourselves to be. As a child suffers great anxiety and fear when it becomes lost or separated from its parents, likewise our suffering and fear has no limits to what we may experience as a result of our separation from our True Selves from our inherent life force.

Shortly after conception the embryo receives and records every aspect of its living environment including what a mother ingests on every level. These memories influence our every thought, word and action as they pass through these layers on their journey to be revealed as thoughts and experiences in our lives.

It is these accumulated memories that form the veil that separates us from the experience of our inner peace and tranquility. Although these memories have formed an eclipse very similar to layers of wax around our great fire of inner love, by simply stoking our fire within, the veil of fear is slowly melted away.

Why do I become so frustrated?

Traditionally we have searched outside of ourselves for love, happiness, and complete fulfillment, we have searched in wealth, material objects, physical perfection and sense gratification in order to pursue our goals, dreams and aspirations. In this quest our self-awareness, self-respect, self-honour and self-worth may have become diminished. Through this outer search, our memory and understanding of the great individual we really are, becomes faded.

While this outward search may attain great financial fruits or possessions, we remain hungry for something greater, something that always appears to be just beyond our reach, it eludes every desperate attempt we make to acquire it. Consequently we experience very little except momentary satisfaction, resulting in various degree of disappointments and frustrations.

Through the accumulation of our unfulfilled desires, disappointments and frustrations we become exhausted, we exhaust our minds, creating a state of depression. This frustrated and depressed state becomes infectious to those close to us, it repels good fortune smiling upon our lives.

As long as we allow ourselves to be consumed and purpose driven by the outer illusions of life, enslaved by physical appearances, sensual gratifications the acquisition of materialism or the desire to control or suppress others or continual expectations, then our frustrations and disappointments may only escalate. While that for which we search continues to elude us.

Why can’t I hold wealth?

The wealth we accumulate in our outer pursuits is but an illusion of wealth, an illusion created by the veil of illusion itself, the veil that has separated us from the experience of the great wealth for which we really search and came to reclaim. Even though we may acquire great material wealth, there is always something missing, a vital ingredient which prevents us from experiencing that fine intimacy and completeness for which we inherently hunger.

We may strive and achieve academic qualifications or financially secure positions in order to attain stability, freedom and happiness. As we progress within our field we may continue to strive for that little extra that will enable us to provide for families and an enjoyable certain quality of life. To relax in the comfort of knowing we are successful and respected.

This is a fine achievement if we are able to breath and sleep easy, if we have managed to reach a level of inner contentment and happiness, if we are able to express gentleness, empathy, kindness, right actions and love to ourselves, our families, friends and associates.

However, if we have not yet attained this level and state of living, we may well ask why. Have our entire lives been taken over without our awareness, knowledge or consent? Have we come to function out of habit rather than purpose? Have we again come to function out of conditioning, experiencing every type of pain, failure, hardship, struggle and blame as we consider this to be our life? Have we become vulnerable to the great illusion of modern liberated society, caught up in the mad current of consumerism and sense gratification to become “The Vacant living”? *

Regardless of our achievement or non-achievement, our events or non-events to this point in our lives, wherever we are right now is fine although we may not see it as such.

When we re-learn how to attain and treasure our true wealth, then a level of wealth beyond our separated imagination floods us with its complete abundance. This abundant wealth is permanent, for we have become detached from the ownership or desire of it, we are able to fully experience that deep intimacy of all that flows into and out of our lives as the observer. *

Will we ever see world peace?

What prevents mankind from experiencing World Peace is again this same forgetfulness and separation from the experience of our own individual True Selves and Greatness.

While many world leaders may exist in this separated state of being, they like many of us have their vision impaired and as a consequence, their primary reptilian instincts compel them to function out of fear, greed, ignorance or insecurity with very limited understanding and ability to recognize spontaneous peaceful solutions to that which already exist within itself. *

The veil of separation creates an energy field of vibrational frequencies that binds one to a very limited and primitive form of life. This primal life form is known as Reptilian, hence the Reptilian Brain, the old brain, the center brain whose primal function is that of survival, killing for food and sex for reproduction.

When the vibrational frequencies of these primal energies saturate the earth’s atmosphere and the psyche of its inhabitance, they produce a civilization whose characteristic behaviours are that of the Primal Reptilians.

Mankind has created a gravity field of energy enslaving itself to extreme levels of violence and sexual promiscuity without displaying any admissible accountability or responsibility. The consequence of this behaviour has intensified the very veil of illusion that we are required to dismantle in order to experience a life of harmony, compassion, tolerance, peace and the energy of love.

World peace is unable to become a reality whilst mankind functions from within the Reptilian field of gravity. This force-field requires to be dissolved on a personal and collective global level. It is only then that our present endeavour for world peace is possible.

What prevents me from being free?

Great Beings through time have taught, that this same veil of illusion that separates us from fulfilling every aspect of life also prevents us from attaining the experience of the freedom for which we search. A level of freedom for which man dies for, a level of freedom that we inherently know exists yet it has managed to elude our endeavours to find it.

This freedom knows no boundaries or restrictions, for it is one with our own True Nature, it is part of us. The key to finding this freedom is to change our vision from an outer vision to an inner vision.

By turning our focus within we are able to experience a new level of awareness of something so infinitely powerful that sits in waiting within every human Heart.

Where can I find true love?

As children we are born in the image and likeness of the great energy of love, we radiate and pulsate in the light and reflection of its nature. This reflection which is present in the eyes of infants, is capable of giving us a glimpse of an experience of our True Selves.

By becoming absolutely lost in the gaze of an infant, for a brief moment we may well experience being drawn into a state of complete stillness and peace without being aware. We may wish the experience could last forever. This is only a token of what awaits us to become our permanent state of existence once we commit to the script of life’s play.

Love has a very personal agenda for each of our lives which begins to unfold once we give it permission, once we let go of the notion that our physicalness is the Doer and our Bodies are all there are.

When we are able to realise that-that for which we search for, long for, fight for or die for, already exists as ours, within us, then all false pursuits are rendered futile. We come to realise that our experience of True Love had only become temporarily disconnected through forgetfulness, which created this ever-present veil of illusion.

Often what we think or told is love, is merely infatuation or lust. Our entire life may have become a merry-go-round of chase and grab at anything that resembles just a drop of love. The search for Love having become saturated with the ideology of consumerism for sense gratification and fulfillment together with the psychic saturation of the reptilian message that love only exists or is experienced through momentary affection or sexual activity.

This state of illusion and unawareness as to the reality of Love and purpose of our existence incurs a level of such overwhelming pains through inner anxiety, hopelessness and despair which may well lead an individual to leaving their family, taking refuge in substance abuse, venting through rage and violence or in more increasing numbers, taking their own lives.

Every Heart knows the simplicity of that, which is required of us to experience the state of permanent happiness and become completely marinated in the energy of Love. True Love gives us the direct experience of itself. This experience is a physical intoxicating force, which causes through our entire being, it gives the sensation of absolute bliss and completeness.

From birth the energy of love has attempted to hold us within the state and experience of itself, it has continually been beckoning us to return to take comfort in its gentle caress. For the state of such profound and boundless proportions of completeness and love for which we constantly yearn, is waiting within our very own Hearts. It sits patiently smiling, completely detached from our worldly status just waiting to embrace and envelope us the moment we are ready.

Through the gift of Free Will we are able to make decisions, that either cultivates love, thus keeping us close to its source, or that which defiles love, thickening the veil of illusion and further separating us from its experience.

Where do I find this ‘True Self’?

There is a timeless story pertaining to this hiding place. It is said that in time beyond our imagination when the Great Play of life was devised, the question arose as to where to hide and how to disguise the ‘True Self’ that it could only be claimed by attaining a very high level of focus and determination.

“If it were buried deep at the bottom of an ocean, man would too easily see its brilliance shimmering across the waters. If it were hidden on the highest mountain peak, man would soon come to discover its brilliants illuminating the skies. If it were hidden in the center of fruit, man would too easily recognize its intoxicating nectar. If it was buried far away on another planet, man would eventually send a rocket and discover it.”

Eventually the consensus was to hide it within the center of man himself, he will never think of looking there. And so the ‘Great True Self’ has laid dormant in the center of every Human Being shimmering and pulsating, waiting with infinite patience until we finally awake to its presence.

Becoming the Change


Change unfolds spontaneously in our lives as we are able to cultivate, expand and hold the presence of inner tranquility.

By giving ourselves time each day to sit in silence, even for a few moments, to become completely lost in the flow and vibration of love contained within the breath. Eventually a new prescription to our vision of life begins to unfold, we begin to experience a new level of contentedness and inner peace, witnessing it touch those around us.

By keeping a daily journal, documenting our progress our gratitude’s, examining our own behaviour and responses and recording patterns we wish to change or see changed, accelerates the unfolding of a new life.

Let's take a moment to begin our change:

We may wish to create a special place, for each time we return to sit in silence. Such a place retains the energy of love which envelops us the moment we sit. Many chose to wear special garments.

Sit in Silence for a few moments.

Sitting upright allowing our spines to be free, it is important loosen any restrictions around our waist;

Closing your eyes and entering into silence, gently begin breathing in deep and out long, clearing the air passages.

Now become aware of the energy that rides on the in breath, fill yourselves with so much Love, allowing it to fill you completely.

Then on the out breath allow that love to penetrate every aspect of your being. Repeat this as long as your heart wishes.

Now ask for the Grace for one specific issue urgently requiring change in your life, to be revealed.

Whatever comes to mind, hold it in your awareness. Again, filling yourself with love, on the in breath, then on the out breath, directing this love into the center of that issue requiring change.

By repeating this for a few minutes continually or as long as your heart wishes, focusing on the Love contained within the breath, we allow the Grace, the energy of Love, to dissolve our issue, bringing about the change we have asked for.

Again sitting in Silence for a few moments.

Sharing…. Sharing is very beneficial if in a group situation as it stimulates our inner memories to resurrect buried unwanted treasures that just may be responsible for so many negativities in our lives. However remaining in our energy of silence is just as beneficial.

Through frequently revisiting this place of inner stillness, life takes on a new dimension, it is as though someone has laid out the Red Carpet, new doors of opportunity begin to open so effortlessly, we are beginning to be received with warmth and affection as we witness ourselves expressing more gentleness, tolerance and patience. It may be difficult to comprehend at first as we also experience the presence of a smile reflecting the other face of life.

As this new face of calmness unfolds, we may from time to time experience a bout of unpredicted turbulence throwing us completely into turmoil, confusion or even panic. These turbulences are influenced by the accumulation and quality of information, memories or scares stored in the layers of our hidden-consciousness, five senses and every human cell.

The Nature of Breath

Our breath is the sustainer of all life forms. The word Spiro in Greek, meaning breath, is the Spirit of life, it is the vitality that allows us to function. This energy infused breath contains the natural intoxicating Bliss of life whose potency is so immeasurably it completely overwhelms and dissipates all accumulated negativities, addictions and substances, giving us the experience of Itself. This intoxication and high experience far exceeds any artificial or forced method found in alcohol or amphetamine drugs, in fact they deaden and withdraw our ability to experience this natural phenomenal.

It is though the breath that we are able to ignite the inner fire of this intoxicating energy, which rides on the breath, which is infused in the breath, in every breath we inhale and exhale.

This energy filled breath is the vehicle that draws us into a state of absolute bliss. As we inhale the vibration of Love, allowing it to ride on the in breath, allowing it to expand within us. It is then we become changed, we become changed little by little.

These wonderful changes gradually unfold through our one pointed commitment to enter and completely melting into the great love contained within our Hearts. Through the repetition of this simple process of silently inhaling the energy of peace and love contained within the breath we come to re-know the great Nature and Vehicle of Love that we really are.

As each time we return to sit in silence, inhaling the breath, filled with the vibration of peace or love, then, this state of Inner peace expands within us to eventually take up residency, it begins to expand inside of us to fill us completely. We begin to experience everything around us changing, life begins to flow with such ease, our Hearts begin to smile, others begin to smile with us, and most notably we sleep and awake in the powerful energy of bliss.

Our Focus.

There is a great story told of how Lamas of Monasteries high in the Himalayas imparted a very important lesson to novas monks. They would escort a student monk down to a nearby stream where the student would kneel waist deep in water, the Lama proceeded to apply and maintain pressure to the head of the student holding his head beneath the water, this may have lasted for some time, often until the exhausted student with their last breath gathered every ounce of inner strength and steel to burst forth from the water with the enormous force of a super human.

The purpose of this lesson as explained to the student monks was to impart the level of determination courage and strength that is required to attain the state of Contentment and Love.

When we are able to one pointedly focus our goal on remembering who we really are, our Hearts begin to open allowing this great energy of Love to flow, it is then, that we begin to remember and experience the very Nature of Love and the presence of Happiness in our lives.

It is said by great Beings, that the ‘Heart is the Hub of all Creation’.

Stillness and Silence

Stillness and Silence are an inaugural part of a sane and balanced existence. They are the gateway to the ocean of Great Love. As in the ocean of Sea, as we dive into the center of that first wave we experience for a brief moment complete refreshment, freedom and detachment of all things.

Likewise as we dive into our Inner Ocean we become completely free, refreshed and re-energised on physical level, an emotional level and, on a mental level.

The reality of living in the permanent state of the energy field of love begins to unfold through coming to a point of stillness, of silence. Sitting without expectations, without visualizations or without fear. Perhaps the greatest fear we may face in silence is a fear of a glimpse of our own Greatness. This fear is but an illusion created by our separation. It masterly prevents us from becoming free.

When we are able enter the inner silence of our own Heart, gradually we begin to experience a sensation of ‘Coming Home.’ We enter a place of nurturing, of safety, then little by little we begin to experience state of contentment, stability, freedom and Love in our lives, we also begin to experience great inner peace and tranquility of mind.

The State of Love begins to unfold from within, as a result of entering into the deep stillness, the deep silence of our Hearts. A life without Stillness or Silence experiences a build up of every form of mental pollution possible, eventually leading to physical and mental exhaustion experienced as disease and depression.

By beginning and concluding each day with a few moments of sitting in silence, breathing in and out the energy of Love, changes the pattern of that day’s events and the depth of experience when asleep.

Becoming absorbed in our own inner Love is extremely intoxicating and extremely healing. It re-establishes us in our pure state of knowing, of remembering, of understanding. It grants us inner freedom and contentment and the experience of who we really are.

At first these experiences may last only for a moment, however each time we return to sit in Silence becoming absorbed in our own inner Love, those wonderful moments expand and expand until finally we live only in the state of Love, of knowing, of remembering, of understanding and of permanent contentment.

When we give ourselves completely and honestly to the fire of Love. Our lives become totally unselfish, totally successful and totally happy. We become completely fulfilled in every way. We become protected from the pains and trivia of life; abundance opens its doors in every aspect of our lives.

We become very much alive and full of vitality with an increased awareness and expression of all things. We rise above the state of the Reptilian vibration to live in a state of intoxicating Love and Tranquillity. This great way of life is free and available to all. Becoming lost in our own inner state of Love, Tranquillity and inner state of Bliss, is a natural and spontaneous occurrence, it is what we are here to reclaim.

Once we have come to realise, that the purpose of our lives is to remember, to experience and to know that, that which we have been searching for, longing for, is already within us and that we do not have to obtain it from the outside.

It is then that we may become established in our inherent nature of Love, Bliss and Happiness. So little by little may we all come to know and experience our own Bliss, our own true nature, our own creativeness, our own gentleness and our own great Love.


May we embrace the content of this Program, working with it on a daily basis with our Hearts Consent. May we enter into the Silence of our own Hearts that we may become free from that which separates us from knowing and experiencing our own Pure Self. May we come to remember the Nature of Love. And may we make this a Blessed Event.

In peace and Love. Thank you.

“May Everyone Be Happy”

 Aids for Inner Change

In order to experience profound change and understanding within ourselves, it is very beneficial to repeat wholly or participially this module each day for one week.

Remember to record your daily entry into a special Journal or Diary.

It is beneficial to divide each page into three columns headed as follows:

  1. My Required Changes. (Where am I right now in my life ? What's upsetting me ? What issues would I like resolved ?)
  2. Action taken. (Read Module. Contemplated & asked for the Grace and Guidance to addressed my Issues.)
  3. Changes noticed.( Record all new Awareness's, changes & Blessings . no matter how small, practice & show acts of Gratitude.)

 By keeping such a daily journal, you will easily identify with how far you've progressed and review where you once were.

If changes appear slow in becoming a reality, simply increase your intensity, discipline and focus on your inner changes. Become as hungry as one starving to reclaim your inherent nature, the permanent state of Contentment, Love and Intoxicating Bliss.

As a result of changing our Inner-world, our Outer-world becomes changed.

Thank you.

Anthony Halpin

All Rights Reserved.(c) 2013